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Serious window delays across country

Kristin H
4 months ago

Just passing on info: we are building in Maryland. Two longtime contractors and our very high end architect in Annapolis/DC have told us the higher end Anderson windows are now 52 weeks out! Yes, one year….and Andersen may drop their E series entirely….(they are better than their 400s). Marvin Integrity’s are about 3/4 months out. Not sure on the higher end Marvin’s. This is the biggest crisis to hit the building trade since the crash, one contractor says. He’s stopping some projects because he can’t get permits on some parts without windows in. People who’ve ordered Andersens are cancelling and looking elsewhere. One of our guys says some people are ordering Jen Weld which he doesn’t like and resists ordering. We got 400s in for one house and needs Es to finish another second home but we may switch to Lowen. Anyway if u are waiting on or ordering windows, expect a real delay and know many time estimates are fairly off base, especially for aluminum.

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