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Diervilla and Ninebark pruning, and other shrubs new to me

I have some 2 to 3 year old shrubs I have not pruned yet because I wanted them to get bigger. I also didn’t know yet what they needed. But I think it’s time to start shaping them. I’d appreciate some guidance.

1) Diervilla Honeybee. I loved how this one bloomed and rebloomed, but it also got very floppy, with rampant growth.

2) Little Devil and another larger purple ninebark whose cultivar name I can’t remember without a lot of digging through paper, due to a computer crash after I bought the shrubs.

3) Blue Hawaii Rose of Sharon (Yes, I know roses of sharon supposedly seed around as rapidly as dandelions. This one is supposed not to). It’s still a nice vase shape. Does it need pruning anyway?

4) Hydrangea serrata “Tuff Stuff Red”. Has grown very little since I bought it. Still very short. One half died last year; or apparently died: unknown cause.

Might have been the hydrangea fertilizer I gave it. There were no instructions on the bag for how much to apply. I didn’t think I put it on heavily, but half of it did shrivel up afterward. I’m inclined to not try to fertilize hydrangeas any more.

5) Hydrangea “Little Quick Fire”. This one suffered no damage from fertilization; but it was doing well anyway, so maybe I sprinkled very little around it (?)


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