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Plumeria hasn't bloomed in 6 years

6 months ago

Hello All,
Long time lurker on this forum. I've had my plumeria plant for approximately 7 years. I purchased it as an already established plant that flowered regularly. It flowered the next year after I had it then the following year it pushed an inflo during winter. The inflo bloomed and that was the end of it. No further inflos but every subsequent year there seemed to be good leaf production.
In the US I am considered to be in Zone 5 and in Canada Zone 6. The plumeria has always been fertilized with Carl Pool BR-61 as per the previous owner's recommendation. The NPK value is 9-58-8. I also use a foliar fertilizer in conjunction with the BR-61. The foliar fertilizer is Spray & Grow. During the summer months the plumeria is outdoors and I fertilize weekly. I have never re potted the plant since I got it.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Best regards,

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