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Planting pockets in large retaining wall full of holes from groundhogs

last year
last modified: last year

Below is an example (not mine) of the retaining wall I have across about 25' of my backyard. The two lower rows of "planting pockets" are being dug out by groundhogs....and when vacated (for NEW groundhog holes)...these "holes" become home to possums and skunks. Chipmunks make a mess in the upper planting pockets. I used to trap the groundhogs but our city no longer "relocates" them...they say you must release on your own property (sort of self defeating isn't it?) and I really do not like to exterminate (there is a lot of land around me where the groundhogs wouldn't be in anyone's way).....anyway I was thinking of shoving strong welded wire mesh deep into the holes. Figure that the wire mesh would deform enough to "lock" in place. then repacking with soil for planting. We actually built a low garden bed (with retaining wall border) at the base of the LARGE retaining wall (to try to dissuade the animals) and now the groundhogs just dig at a higher row of blocks. LITERALLY PULLING MY HAIR OUT!! Does anyone have similar problems? Do you think the mesh might work?


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