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how many plants to put under grow light?

Amy Wickett
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

I'm basically wondering how many starter plants I can put under a grow light without overcrowding them. I realize this depends upon various factors like what type of plant it is, how old the plant is, and what size starter pot you're using. I'd be using a 4-tier grow light and each tier would use either one 4' shop light with 2 lights in it or two 4' shop lights, each with 2 lights in them.

The plants I'm growing would be tomato plants, pepper plants, and eggplant. They'd all be grown in starter pots that are 4"-6" in diameter; the pepper and eggplant would be 8 weeks old and the tomatoes would be 4-6 weeks old. The other plants I'd be growing would be lettuce and cabbage and would be grown in nursery pots with a 2"-3" diameter; the lettuce would be 3-4 weeks old and the cabbage 3-5 weeks old. Last but not least would be zucchini and winter squash which would be 3-4 weeks old and grown in starter pots with a 4"-6" diameter.

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