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Roses with bush beauty & fast repeat & health & scent?

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Bush shots are hard to find. I once asked Pat Henry of Roses Unlimited what are some roses with bush beauty and constant blooming. She said: "Poseidon, Bliss Parfuma, Dark Desire, and Heaven on Earth." Too bad these don't have the strong scent that I seek, but I love my 8th-year own root Poseidon with Zepherine Drouhin in front (see below). Poseidon has bush beauty & constant blooming and winter-hardiness. Zeph. has bush beauty & once-bloomer & winter-hardiness and its heavenly scent can waft 30 feet away.

Below 10th-year-own root Evelyn has bush beauty & fast rebloom and winter hardiness. Pic. taken June 2021:

Below 10th-year own-root Carding Mill has bush beauty and constant blooming. Pic. taken at near 90 F:

Below 6th-year own-root Twilight zone has bush beauty (shiny leaves) & constant blooming and very winter hardy:

Below 11th-year own root Pat Austin has bush beauty (shiny leaves), constant blooming, and delicious mango and nectarine scent:

Below 4th-year own root Bolero has bush beauty (shiny leaves), constant blooming, but died when I moved it and put alfalfa meal in the planting hole. Got another Bolero last year.

Below 8th-year own root Munstead Wood has bush beauty (never see diseases), constant blooming, and winter hardiness, plus amazing blackberries and old rose scent:

Below 10th-year own-root Comte de Chambord has bush beauty (disease-free only with fast drainage), constant blooming, and winter hardiness.

Below 3rd-year own-root Sweet Mademoiselle has bush beauty, constant blooming, and winter hardiness (the far pink on top is Savannah). Sweet M. beats Dee-lish in rebloom.

What are your roses with bush beauty? Thank you.

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