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Funny Observation.

last year

I restarted my Netflix subscription recently. Specifically because I wanted to watch Versailles. After that, I started watching Reign. Two shows, set largely in France. About halfway through the last season of Versailles, I noticed something that made me laugh. These shows, set in France,( and then later, Scotland in the case of Reign) Everyone has a British accent, except for the odd here and there character. NO ONE had a French accent. No one! THE KING OF FRANCE had a British accent. The King of Denmark? British accent. John Knox, leader of the Scottish Protestants? British accent. Prince of Navarre? British accent.

Now, of course I can imagine why. These were produced for an American audience. And such an audience might have a hard time understanding English spoken in a French accent. I suppose the mild posh British accent is an acceptable all encompassing one for any story set in the history of Europe.

But its still funny to me.

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