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Famous roses whose perfume you can’t detect?

Chris Martins Zone6a Chicago
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Forgive me if this has been asked recently (search function here really is challenging lately), but are there any roses famous for their fragrance from which your nose just cant detect much, or any, scent?

My nose probably fits in the ”moderately sensitive” category and strength and quality of perfume is one of my principal motivations for growing roses. Some of my personal favorites for scent include Rosa moschata, Francis Dubreuil/Barcelona, Crimson Glory, McCartney Rose, Elle, Bolero, Lemon Spice, Souvenir de St Anne’s, Madame Plantier and and Felicite Parmentier.

Here are my non-smellers:

1) Reine des Violettes. I grew this rose for years and enjoyed the peppery scent from the foliage but never detected even the slightest sweetness from the blooms.

2) Don Juan. These flowers might as well be made from plastic.

3) Gallica roses in general. At most many of these only have a light, dull, earthy fragrance. When mature, Belle de Crecy was the exception with a moderately strong old rose fragrance.

4) Ispahan. I could never detect a thing from this lovely rose.

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