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Pruning Clematis

4 months ago

There are lots of discussions about pruning Clematis, but none that are specific to our area. For the varieties you prune, when is the best time in the PNW? Maybe the advice is the same all over, but I would think the timing could be different in differing climates.

For many years I was not into pruning Clematis. I have plenty of garden tasks and there didn't seem to be much gain from doing so. But my wife prunes back a few of her favorites and I can clearly see they have more shoots coming out of the ground and they flower more than the non-pruned. I am converted.

Only question is when? I have read Spring, Winter. Does it make any difference in promoting vigorous growth? I don't really like gardening when it's wet and chilly, but if Feb, Mar are the best times I'll get out my boots, my coat and my pruners. :0)

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