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Are you on the watch to decide if Bulbs get -pulled and desposed-

7 months ago

Last year, after 2 years of full leaf up, with no boom happening, I did a reset. Dug out the entire bed - 400+ bulbs, split them, reseated all of them, gave it a douse of fertz while the topsoil was removed . Put soil back and called it a day.

I don't know if the last 2 years was due to a late frost freeze.

I did damage some of the bulbs in the process of digging them all out to reseat them all.

If it does the same this year, it's getting replaced in Fall 2022.

Anybody else on the -watch- for rip and renewal.

Haven't even looked at bulb pricing. Just got my years delivery of compost delivered so I'm sure like everything else, it has gone up....

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