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Edge Pulls--Proud Install or Top-Route Install with edge pulls / tabs?

Kate Bricher
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago


We are building a new house and have decided to use edge pulls throughout the house. We are trying to decide between the "proud install" (screwing pulls into back of doors/drawers) or the "top-route install" notching out the drawers so the hardware is nested flush with the top of the doors/drawers.

We think we prefer the seamless look of the notched installation, but we are nervous about the permanence of notching our new cabinets. We appreciate your feedback!

For reference we are using Bereson Bravo pulls, mostly 6".

The image below with black hardward is of the "proud intall" without notching the cabinets.

This image is harder to see, but shows the silver hardware resting in drawer notches:

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