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Seeing is believing

4 months ago

I have been growing plants in some fashion or another for most of my 81 years on this planet Earth, and have never seen what I am going tell you about in this little story, as a matter of fact, never even thought about it occurring in nature without much help form some person. I’m sure God is still chuckling over my excitement.

Saturday was a wonderful sunshiny spring day, and I decided to repot a succulent that has been growing under my mail box for several years. In the container with the plant I was repotting was a Dandelion plant that had taken up residence in the container from the time I planted it.

Long ago I vowed to remove the Dandelion when I repotted my succulent, and today was the day. The pesky Dandelion had roots all entwined in my succulent’s root ball, and I made sure I got them all out without leaving any pieces to sprout and continue the legacy of Dandelion’s in the new container.

When the repotting was complete, I picked up the now limp Dandelion, and on the way to the trash can began to inspect its roots. That’s when I found it. About half way down the root, there was an overhand knot tied in the root.

The root had been in the container undisturbed for at least two years, and was constrained only by the Succulent’s root ball, which it was growing in, and through. I saw nothing in the container that I would think could cause a root to contort in such a manner, but there it was.

I know, someone will probably post on here that they found a plant with a square knot tied in its roots, and that will be fine with me. I have seen something today I’ve never seen before, and feel inclined to continue to be amazed at what nature can produce, and “crow” about it a bit. Plants, to me are a never-ending source of amazement, enjoyment, and satisfaction, and today I think I have seen something really special.



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