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How can we best use 9 X 10 ft area between kitchen and dining room?

last year

Currently we have the kitchen on one end and dining on the other end of the space that we are remodeling. In between there's a 9.5 X 10 ft area (light blue in diagram) where we have seating against one wall and a TV mounted on the other wall.

Q: But we'd like to make this area a place where 3 or 4 people can sit and chat or where 2 people can sit and watch TV. Any ideas on how to do this and also preserve a walkway between kitchen and dining area?

Q: Or, do you think we should switch the dining and the TV areas? If so, how could we fit a small dining room table and chairs in that light blue area (9.5 X 10 ft)?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

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