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Multiple LVP flooring patterns in one room

2 years ago

This past week, we replaced the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen with the same LVP throughout most of the house. We installed the planks throughout the house in a random stagger pattern. We didn't have time to do the kitchen so we hired an installer.

The installer did an excellent job tying in the new planks into the existing rows.

However, where they started new rows in the kitchen, they used a stair-step pattern, rather than maintaining a random pattern. Now there are 2 different patterns in the same room. To me, it's obvious that this part of the floor was done at a different time by a different installer.

Two friends who looked at the floor didn't notice, but I did immediately! I don't have enough material to have them redo those rows (essentially 9 rows). I'd have to order another 2-3 boxes at about $55/box.

I'm willing to have them redo the floor (at no cost to me because this is a mistake, not a matter of opinon) but it will likely delay my kitchen project. Cabinets are being delivered this week.

I live in a town where for some reason labor is incredibly expensive and very poor quality. It's so difficult to find any contractor who does good work.

What do you all think? Redo or deal with it? I'm planning to sell the house in about 3 years.

PS - poor lighting makes the planks show up in weird colors and contrasts.....

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