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Spider Mites on Italian Cypress....

David Ortins
4 months ago

I have a row of 5 very tall, mature Italian Cypress in front of our house. When we bought it 6 years ago I noticed they had a lot of brown spots and didn't look very happy. I went to our local "Master Gardener" who said they were being overwatered and to cap the irrigation heads near them. I did that, and they haven't improved at all. A neighbor mentioned their lawn service told her our trees have spider mites, so I checked for them, and that seems to be the problem. I called an arborist that said he'd have to use a citrus ladder to reach the top of the trees and spray them all with miticide, two applications a week apart, and inject the soil around them with a fertilizer/ systemic miticide to prevent future infestations. He quoted about $2000 to do this. I could have the trees removed and new ones put in for about that price. The arborist called back today and said he did some research on-line and said we should wait until the summer when the mites are active. This is Florida, the ones that shook out onto a piece of paper were very active! I'm curious if anyone has had any luck treating spider mites on trees this big?

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