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Thoughts on Costco Mohawk Laminate flooring?

6 months ago

We recently moved into a new house and are wanting to change the floors but are working on a pretty tight budget (we will be changing the floors in the entire house and not just a few rooms). The current floors are mostly old, stained carpet upstairs and half of the downstairs with the other downstairs half being Brazilian Cherry Floors that aren’t in the best of shape (and are VERY red which I’m not a fan of). Re-staining the floors and laying new woods to match isn’t an option as we got a quote for over $20k to do this. We picked up some of the Millport Hickory laminate flooring at Costco since it’s on sale right now for $1.59/sq ft and laid it out downstairs. I like the way it looks a lot better than what we currently have. The total cost for the entire house will be a little over $4k so it’s not a huge investment for us to lay these in our home. I dislike our current floors so much that if we laid these laminate floors and then replaced them with real hardwoods in 5-7 years I won’t feel like the $4k was wasted. On the flip side, I have never had laminate floors like these in a house before and I want to make sure we aren’t making a huge mistake by putting them in our house. Our home is worth around $375k and we are just outside of a more expensive neighborhood although I have seen nice laminates/LVTs in some of those homes as well. Does anyone have any experience with the Costco floors? Will they hold up reasonably well with dogs and kids over the next 5 or so years? Thanks so much in advance!!

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