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IKEA cabinets with over-the-range microwave

Laura B
12 months ago

Help! I am in the midst of an IKEA kitchen installation. I have 40-inch upper cabinets but the cabinet for over my microwave only comes in heights of 15 or 20 inches. I chose 20-inch. My contractor mounted my microwave under the cabinet, but it is way too high for me to safely and easily use (about 60 inches from the floor as opposed to the recommended maximum of 54 inches). I’d like to bring it down at least a few inches by using the same trim that’s at the bottom of my other cabinets (I think it would look better with trim too). The problem my contractor ran into (and the reason it’s currently mounted with no filler blocks/trim underneath) is the length of the mounting screws. Has anyone found a workaround for a similar issue? Or know where I can get substantially longer mounting screws? The microwave is an LG model LMV2031 if it helps at all… Pardon the mess (and the blue protective film on my cabinets).

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