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Can Contractor Ask For More Money Mid-Way Through?

Obi B
4 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi, I'm in the middle of a bathroom and kitchen renovation. Thanks to COVID, the delivery of certain items has taken longer than anticipated (clearly nobody's fault other than global shipping delays).

All to say is my contractor is now asking for several thousand because of the amount of time things are taking, with this project being drawn out longer than expected. They are also only willing to cover part of the damage to replace materials caused by that team (this seems like a stretch). They are also saying they need more money to resolve installation of items that are more complicated than originally in the estimate (all these things were very clear when signing the original contract, so it's not clear what's changed).

I want to do what's fair, but this seems very concerning. Any thoughts or perspectives on how to move forward and work with my contractor on a happy outcome for everyone?

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