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Any architects? Interior load bearing wall for garage..

The IRC isnt my strong suit compared to the NEC. Im looking into building a garage and im trying to keep it as budget friendly as possible while getting the most bang for my buck. ive been looking at the 38’x34’ 3 car - high center plan from Behm Design, but their design only has an 8’ tall exterior wall and a 12’ high center. my truck with the ladders on sits at 8’ 4”. I’d really like to try to get the exterior walls to 12’ and the high point to just under 16’ with the 4/12 roof slope and 11’ 8” wide short bays.

From what I understand, using the 140mph wind scale in T602.3(6) I can get 12’ high using 2x6s @ 24” O.C. I’m assuming the 24’ length is based from the center to the end of the roof? Not sure if using the 140mph section is correct (not that the framing type changes with lower speeds).

The part I’m questioning is the interior load bearing walls. Would I be able to use a 2x6x16 at 16” or 24” O.C? If regular lumber will even cut it… Could I use an LVL and single post to eliminate the barring walls all together? Using a 15psi roof load and a 30psi snow load, I calculated out a 3 wide 18” LVL with 15 5/16” minimum bearing. Not sure if it’d be cheaper, but it’d make the garage more functional.

Im also considering expanding the length of the garage to the 40-42’ mark from 34’. Anything code wise that prevents that?

And I know “you should just hire an architect” but given the cost of wood at the moment it’s just planning at the moment until costs come down and realistically I’d like to learn anyways and you don’t learn when you just pay someone to do it for you.

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