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Design Dilemma - white backsplash with cherry cabinets and granite?

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I have started a renovation to do floors and second bathroom and, as I am sure you can relate to, I have started to see more I would like to change. I redid the kitchen about 12 years ago, cherry cabinets with busy granite top and 1 x 2” glass backsplash. Just from a design preference now I am tempted to go with white quartz counters and backsplash, but hadn’t planned replacing the counters when I started, they are in great shape, and already stretching the budget. So I was thinking maybe just change the backsplash which needs repair anyway. White glossy plain tile - what size would you do? Or do you say throw caution (and $$$) to the wind and do the quartz? Any other suggestions welcome!

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