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What’s happening to my Camellias?

Lara Zone 10
12 months ago

Hello All! I’m trying to post this to the Camellia forum but it won’t let me. We’ll see if it works. I’ve been having the same problem with 3 of my Camellia Japonica In The Pinks for two years now. They’ve been in the ground 3 years but the last 2 years they’ve started to open the tips of their buds months before they should be blooming. Last year they started showing their tips in late summer early fall! This year they started showing in December on one plant and January on the other two. They shouldn’t start blooming until March or April.

Last year most of the blooms didn’t fully open and the ones that did were small and brown around the the edges (sometimes the whole flower), like a withering bloom because the tips had shown for so long. They haven’t started blooming yet this year but the tips are showing. The bushes appear to be healthy.

The first year I got them, three years ago, they were already in bloom and the blooms we huge, ruffled and show stopping.

Any ideas what’s happening? Thank you!

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