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Feedback for Blueprints (Semi-Custom Home Build April 2022)

Lee-Ann LeBlanc
8 months ago


We are first time home builders building our first and, hopefully, "forever" home in April 2022. These plans are the result of obtaining blueprints from our builder (pre-exisiting house that was built and which we visited and loved) and bringing them to our interior designer to change the things we did not love/move some things around and add symetry/higher-lever design aspects. For now, it will be me, my fiancee and our two pets who move into this home - with the plans of having 1-2 children in the next 2-5 years.

Looking for any advice/tips/feedback from other home builders and/or designers out there as we still have time to make change

s to our blueprints!

One area I would especially appreciate help on is our ensuite bath as I do not love the layout (but it's a bit complicated as we want a walk-in shower with little to no glass panes, a private area for the toilet and I would also love a makeup desk in the bathroom).

The double island layout has been talked through with our designer to allow for maximum usage and accessibility to the living room while cooking and hosting. We love the idea of two islands, and with them being in this directly (perpendicular to the stove rather than parralel -which is the typical layout) we feel like the counter space will definitely be use more. However, always open to feedback!

A few points that may be helpful:

  • We are in the process of changing our roof pitch to 10/12 on these plans (currently 8/12) to gain more height and "grandness" in our living room as we are placing cathedral ceilings here (with beams).
  • Our garage needs to be in an angle to accomodate the shape of our lot as well as maximize the sun exposure in our backyard
  • The "office area" is not exactly an office area, it will serve as a drop zone/mail sorting/calendar organization centre for our family (to keep clutter out of the rest of the house; hopefully!)
  • It is still not determined if our lot grade will allow for a walk-out basement, so that is still pending

Appreciate all the advice you have to give!

Lee-Ann and crew

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