Andersen Patio Door Thresholds — Brown?!?

Farm Houser
3 months ago

Hello All,

We have just (finally) received our new Anderson sliding patio doors after almost 5 months of backorders. Our builder didn't say anything about their condition and had them unpacked and waiting inside our house, ready to install. When I went to look at them, I immediately noticed that the thresholds and several trim/seal components appear to be BROWN!

We ordered 2 sliding doors and 2 matching side windows in black/black (interior/exterior) 100 series originally, but after months of waiting they said those doors were no longer available and that they were "upgrading" us to the 200 series. I wasn't thrilled about this, as it meant we would have a painted interior finish that would never perfectly match the rest of our windows, but I was will to accept it to keep the project moving forward. Now Andersen is saying that they made a mistake and applied "Bronze" or "Sandstone" thresholds to our doors and is giving us the following options:

1/ Wait 16-18 weeks for complete new doors/windows. (not a real option)

2/ Wait 6 weeks for an Andersen tech to come change the parts* onsite

3/ Wait 2 weeks for the parts* to come in and have our builder install them (allegedly maintaining the full warranty)

4/ Just deal with the wrong color and install them and live with it

*Note: Andersen is saying that even though we ordered Black doors the threshold parts will still be Gray (?)

We're already months past our original deadline for completion on this major renovation project (13 months total and counting) and really don't want to either wait for new doors or install them and have to uninstall/reinstall the doors/trim/siding/etc later when new doors come in. So, that leaves us with option 2 or 3 above. Option 2 still slows us down and we can't get our "house wrap" inspection until the new doors are in, which further delays our siding, etc...Option 3 has us worried about how easy it will be for our builder to disassemble the doors and reassemble with the new parts without creating reliability issues. Option 4 might be our only option....

Open to any advice or feedback if anyone has experience with changing thresholds on Andersen 200 doors/windows. Has anyone seen the "Gray" thresholds that Andersen is talking about on the 200s? Can you share a picture??

Thanks in advance for any help/tips/advice!

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