Fragrant bushes for part sun (looking for experience on how fragrant)

3 months ago

I am landscaping our new house and am in the planning stages. I'm south of Chicago, zone 5b (I think we're technically 6, but I still have a hard time believing that).
I am looking to add a number of fragrant bushes (primarily for partial shade), but from my research, I can't seem to find how fragrant the following bushes are. Ideally I'd like bushes that waft fragrance in the garden or through windows rather than having to be an inch away from a flower that catch the scent.
I'll be planting a lilac in the small patch of full sun I have, but if someone could give me a bit of advice on how fragrant they've found the following bushes, I'd really appreciate it! Also I'd appreciate if you had any additional fragrant bush recommendations for partial shade.
Spice Girl Virbinium (and/or Baby Spice Virbinium)
Ruby Anniversary Abelia
Sugar Shack Buttonbush
Vanilla Spice Summersweet
I'm also planning on some fragrant perennials, but I'm mostly looking for fragrant bushes right now since I'm not very familiar with them. Thanks for your help!

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