Ceiling or Vented Hob Extraction - help please!!

Louise Blay
3 months ago

Hey everyone,

We have recently finalised our kitchen/diner renovation project which includes knocking the dividing wall through. The new layout includes a peninsula with a hob. We currently have our hob against a wall with a traditional hood extractor, but as the hob will now be in a peninsula I am struggling to decide which extraction option is best and the different brands.

I was originally looking at a flush ceiling extraction with ducting to an outside wall, but am concerned that it will be too high to actually be effective. Most recommend a distance between the hob and extractor around 500-600mm. Our ceiling is around 2.3m.

I then came across integrated vented hobs which looked like the ideal solution, but have concerns that these options are not as effective and we would potentially have to look at recirculating units.

Can anyone offer any advice please? Any decent brands or specific models they have and work well?

Thanks in advance :-)

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