Which is the best way to lay out the kitchen?

Melyssah Leigh-ann
4 months ago
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I want to remove the wall between the living area and the kitchen. I really want open concept for the reasons of: easy visual on my small children, not isolated in kitchen and better heating through home.Currently my kitchen feels awkward. The oven/ cook top feels to far away and is currently on the wall I want to remove. I would like to move the cooking area closer to sink and fridge. There is a patio door that is in my kitchen that leads to our decking area that I am not willing to move as there really is no where to move it to as well as it is not in the budget as I suspect removing the wall will cost.If I move the cook area by the fridge I loose significant counter top/ storage space. If I move the cook area adjunct to the stove and closer to the sink it is right next to the back door (its a double door but half the door door not open and i like it because it lets in a lot of natural light). If I move the cooking area to beside the sink I again loose counter top/storage. I am also on the fence about putting back the cooktop and wall oven or switching to a stand alone oven with range.I've had an electrian come in to assess the movement of the cooking area to by the back door and he stated it'd be a very easy thing to accomplish. I'm just not sure if this would be the right layout for the kitchen.FYI the kitchen cabinets will be painted out or resurfaced with new hardware. New back splash and counter top will ensue as well. Thinking an ivory bisque for the cabinets with nickel/ stainless steel hardware. Classic subway tile. Counter top to be decided still. I also want to change the floors to a darker floor.All constructive criticism welcomed.
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