Small Hallway with Solar Tube: Go Light or Dark?

Lauren Herpich
4 months ago

I have a small hallway (6.5' X 4') leading from our main entrance hallway to our bedrooms. This small hallway has a solar tube. I'm contemplating going dark as I'd like to add a bit of drama with some fun wallpaper. Will having the solar tube wash out the effect I'm going for? Is it just better to keep the space light and airy. Part of my desire is to have this dramatic feel as you enter the primary bedroom at the end of the hall, which will be light and airy. I've attached some drawings to give you a sense of the space and the vision of what I'm thinking. Let me know your thoughts.

The view of our main entrance hallway from the great room at the back of the house so you can orient yourself on the space:

Views of both sides of the hallway. The bottom image is the hallway with the solar tube showing the proposed dark wallpaper concept.

Finally, an image of the light and airy primary bedroom as you enter from the small hallway.

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