Huge Dilemma! UGH!

4 months ago

Since I've posted many other pictures with questions about our home, some of you may remember we've done some extensive remodeling since we bought the home 5 years ago. There was one room I wasn't expecting to remodel. It is a large office room that we also occasionally use as a TV room. In the attached photos, you'll see the existing engineered hardwood floor that is glued to our slab foundation. In the Phoenix, AZ area, the saying is, "It's not IF you'll get termites, it's WHEN." Apparently, it was our time because those little home-destroyers apparently found their way up through a crack in the slab and have been busy eating some of the wood planks in the middle of the room. We only discovered it when, thankfully, we moved a rug over some planks and discovered them. The termite company won't treat until we have that section of flooring removed. We'll need to remove at least 8 planks. In the meantime, I've scoured local stores and the Internet to try and find replacement planks, but to no avail. This flooring was discontinued 5 years ago. There's nothing even close in an engineered wood to replace the planks with. The existing floor is Mannington's Savannah 9/16" x 5" wide plank Chesapeake Savannah Hickory. It is a pretty close match in color to the existing cabinets (raised panel), and the large built-in bookcase. My future plans were to have cabinet doors made for the bottom of the bookcase to break up the look of so many shelves and to get rid of most of what's on the bookshelves and then decorate them more minimally. Now I'm looking at this room differently. It looks like we'll need to replace all of the flooring in that room. The rest of the house is travertine and carpet. I thought about just running the travertine into this room, but even with a rug, I don't think that's the right flooring for an office/tv room. I did find a porcelain tile that looks like wood and seems to blend well with the colors of the existing bookcase and cabinets (see photo of samples on existing floor). I'm trying to decide if we should just invest in that and not have to change anything else (except different counters to replace the ugly granite in there) OR should I pick a lighter flooring color and then have the bookcase restained a lighter color and have new cabinets/countertops put in? The rest of the home is lighter in color and transitional in style. Photos of the room are from the listing. We have since painted the room a lighter color called BM Baby Fawn. Any opinions, ideas, or suggestions? Thank you.

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