Is 12' or 15' wide carpet less expensive for a 14.5' wide room?

4 months ago

I am re-carpeting my family room. The room is 14.5' wide and 20' long. The carpet I selected comes in both 12' and 15' widths and costs the same per square yard. The store gave me quotes for both sizes. The 12' width is less expensive than the 15' width by several hundred dollars and uses less yardage. Installation is free.

When selecting the carpet I purposely selected one that came in 15' widths bc I thought there would be less waste and fewer seams.

Intuitively, it doesn't seem right that 12' is less expensive and and I'm baffled. They couldn't explain why this is the case and made me feel like I was crazy for asking. Can you help me understand what I am missing or don't understand about purchasing/installing carpet ?

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