Crack in granite

Sharon Fankhauser
4 months ago

We had some beautiful granite installed in a home we purchased. About a week after it was installed (way before we moved in) we found a Crack in the narrow part in front of the sink. We notified the company we bought it from. They sent someone out to fill and polish it. The Crack is no longer as noticeable but still cracked all the way through. I sent an email with pictures and they sent another person who said there was nothing more they could do. I left many messages for the owner to get in touch with us. He finally called and made an appointment with is to look at it and he didn't call or show up. More emails with no response so I stopped into the store. He came to look at it a few days later and said he would send the same person (who origanlly polished and filled it) to see if he can do anything more. It's been nearly a week with no contact about setting up an appointment. Should I insist on a new slab be installed?

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