Layout of family room needs help

4 months ago

Hi everyone. I am working on a project to update our family room, but am stuck on the basic functionality of the space. We are currently rebuilding the built In to the left of the fireplace to be similar in style to the right side (good-bye tube TV design feature!). This opens up the floorspace and gives us more options for layout. Currently it feels a bit unbalanced and I feel like we can make this area work more for us as the center of our home and where we spend the most time.

How we use the space/what we need:

-Open space for play

-Need more seating space for when we have guests (+1-2 spots)

-TV: not the primary focus but needs to stay in space and make some sense in the layout (console table, built in, or fireplace mounted. Ideally would like to gain a sight line to the TV from the kitchen).

-Ideally bring sofa away from window - I love our view out the window and don't like the current obstruction, would like to be able to sit and enjoy the view more.

-Pathway with the love seat feels very narrow from the entryway to the kitchen

-Open to adding new furniture to the space

I've attached a couple pictures and rough layout. Next task will be figuring out new paint, carpet, fixtures to brighten the space up but wanting to start with envisioning the total space. Thanks in advance!!!

View from Kitchen:

View from Entry:

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