Builder forcing a front load when side load is the standard

Vanessa Schmidt
4 months ago

Since we are getting a basement, our builder is telling us that we have to get a front load garage instead of a side load garage, which is the neightborhood standard. I'm very disappointed since we love the look of side load and we're also getting a 3rd bay, which normally would have sat perpendicularly, and is now also going to be a front load. I definitely think its going to cheapen the look of the house.

We asked if we paid more if we could still get the side load and we were told no. We were told the cost to grade the lot would be too much. In this market, we don't have any leverage since if we back out there are many who would take the lot and house. We love everything else about the house so we'll likely still move forward, but wondered if others are encountering the same with their builder.

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