Tub spout adapter and solder

John Gareiss
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Hey all... I'm a definite DIY and have above average soldering skills, I'm pretty much one and done, never had a leak over a decent handful of joints (i used to solder electronics so i know how to heat the work piece and not the solder itself kinda thing). My question is, I'm doing my first tub/ shower and am going to solder the copper stub for the spout adapter. Now I've seen quite a few tub spouts that from either over the years or more hopefully from over tightening, were really on that spout connector to the point of having to use a plumber's wrench to get it started to twist off (including the one in my house). What worries me is if that happens over time, is that solder joint going to be able to withstand that amount of force trying to remove the spout at any given time in the future? I know with best intentions I'd remember to give it a little turn every year or two to ensure it remains free, but odds are it'll get long forgotten about when then next projects come along. Would there be anything you'd recommend putting on the threads or am I just being completely insane with even worrying about this?

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