Flooring questions

Several years ago we completly gutted, re-plumbed, and rebuit the main bath in this little old house. It’s 7’x9’, no window.

Long story short - I could not install the large shower I needed. Now, after several falls, and my chosen Kohler pieces have been discontinued, DH said I could replace the tub with a shower.

I had to install a “platinum” color Onyx systems shower, 33x60. It’s safe and nice enough.

But now my vintage-inspired “all black and white” bathroom is a missmatched hodge podge…but safer.

I need a tile or vinyl that is a combination of jet black, pure white, and a silvery grey to hopefully pull it together a bit more. I’d like it to have more black than white.

I live in the back of beyond. The three places I looked had nothing I could use. If anyone could point me toward a tile source in these colors I’d be so grateful.

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