Robert Mattock Roses

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Hi everyone,I recently came across the website for Robert Mattock Roses:
This family rose-growing business continues the work of John Mattock:
Their website has a lot of information about OGR that do well in hot Mediterranean climates, tested in their "Ibiza rose trials", as well as a page of specific tips for growing roses in pots, which was very interesting to me as I tick both of those boxes.
It seems Mattock had their own "family secret" potting mix, as well as bonsai inspired techniques for root pruning. I wish I could learn more about what they recommended.
Unfortunately it seems the nursery is now permanently closed.I tried emailing the "contact us" address but haven't received a reply.
Is anyone here familiar with their work? Does anyone know of any publications out there that describe their techniques or the mystery potting mix they used?

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