Need help with major kitchen remodel / layout change!

We are in the beginning stage of planning a kitchen remodel. We are working with a contractor who has his designer working on a plan for us but I would love your opinions on the layout!

Our major issues are the area around the island can be cramped - can't really open fridge and have someone sitting at the island. The breakfast nook area also becomes cramped and the chairs get pushed back into the walls, etc. The random coat closet in the dining room is basically wasted space as is the random recessed area to the left of it. The contractor has suggested pushing back the little wing wall where the round table is to enlarge the space while also removing the coat closet all together and adding in a long row of cabinets, dry bar space, etc.

I have expressed that I need to have some type of small kitchen table because we use it all the time and that I would love to have a walk in pantry somehow (I realize this might not work with the layout of the house and would be open to some other pantry storage like pantry cabinets as long as there is ample "floor storage" space.

What would you do with this space??

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