Potting for Success - Roses in Pots

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Just short of being -ontop- of my liquid fertz regimine, be curious what potting medium you guys are using for your roses in -pots-. Typical bagged soil - aka, peat/perlite ? Home brew mix of peat, bark, coarse perlite, etc.

Got 2 standards going into pots and I'm planning to put -100%- effort in ;-0

I think I'm going to need bigger pots. Current ones are 15 or 20G in volume

Based on past roses I've received and knowing how deep of a hole I have dug or even have snipped some longer roots before planting, I think the pots I plan to use may not be large enough. I went to my nursery sparsely in summer 2021 and their stock did seem like -slim picken's- compared to pre-CV. Granted I know cargo ships were delayed/backlogged , so hopefully it's more a inventory delivery delay vs inventory shortage this year on pots

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