A Water Drop on my Quartz

Madeline Fox
3 months ago

Water drops on my new Quartz bathroom countertop do this if they are not wiped up immediately. I slept in and wasn’t right behind my husband so this is what I find. It is not soap. Just water dripping from sink to towel bar. To remove they have to be wiped up quite vigorously with a partially wet towel! My kitchen countertops do not do this. Is this a flaw in the finish or process used to make these slabs?

Immediately after installation I noticed the hazy pitted look to the Quartz. We went back to warehouse to check other slabs and they all look like this. Shame on me for not peeling off the plastic and seeing this beforehand. Could this be the problem? It feels perfectly smooth, just doesn’t look smooth. Looks grainy. I’ve gotten used to the grainy look but these daily water marks are driving me crazy.

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