Visible? 1/2-1" misalignment b/w hood and range; top & bottom cabinets

Carrie Ashendel
4 months ago

I have 78 3/8" between windows (for the top cabinet run) and only 77 3/8" between the sink and the right window frame (for the lower run). I, ideally, have 78" of cabinetry for both (a range/hood flanked by 24" cabinets), but since it won't fit on the bottom (because the sink extends one inch further than the window and the counter needs a 1.5 inch overhang), I'm thinking of doing 24" cab, 30" range, then 21" cab with an extra inch of counter overhang to the window frame with matching backsplash up the the upper cabinet. I don't want to reduce the upper cabinets similarly, because going from 24" upper to 21" means going from two doors to one and would look very silly unless I reduced both to 21 which throws off other things (but if I have to, I have to). I'm not too worried about the 24" upper over the 21" lower. But since I can fit the uppers in the space, I want to just shift them toward the sink window by 13/16th of an inch relative to the base cabinets, meaning they will be out of alignment with the lower run by 13/16th of an inch, including the microwave/hood and range. My husband says this will drive me absolutely crazy. I'm hoping it's unnoticeable. Thoughts?

I should probably add that I was already going to cut the space between countertop and the bottom of the cabinets to 16" (because our floor is oddly 1" high and I wanted 1" of molding and the uppers don't come in a 39" and I hate the look of the 36").

Am I crazy? Do I just need to go with 36" uppers and 21" for both uppers and lowers on either side of the range/hood?

Also, maybe it does look weird to have the one lower cabinet be 21". There's a lot of symmetry in the kitchen and house in general, so maybe I'm throwing everything off here.

Apologies for the poor google rendering, which, btw, does not show the misalignment (if anything it looks like it's in the other direction due to the angle the original shot was taken) but does show the smaller lower cabinet and extended countertop. Hopefully it gives you a rough idea.

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