Double Oven and Microwave - best placement ?

4 months ago

Hi All, Im in desperate need of help and suggestions. We are purchasing a new home which will have double ovens. The builder is going to be placing the microwave above the double ovens, but that is an absolute no-no for me. Any suggestions on where I can move it to ?

I have attached photos of where the builder will be placing the ovens and microwave (photo is of model home, our kitchen will be the same layout).

If I were to leave the ovens where they are and move the microwave alone to the leftmost cabinets area, will that cause issues ? Will they need to extend the cabinets outwards to fit the microwave (2.2 cu ft).

OR should I move the double ovens to the left most cabinets area, (space between cabinets and island is around 4 ft 3inch, is that enough room to open the oven doors ?) then place the microwave next to it but in the top cabinet space ? I would like to not loose counter top space if possible too.

Totally confused!! Help please :) :)

If anyone has photos of a home with a similar kitchen layout and double ovens, can you please send photos of where you placed your microwave ?

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