January 2022, Week 4: Out of the Deep Freeze

4 months ago

Ok, it looks like we are going from single digits to more normal temperatures. Hope that was our ONE foray into singles this year.

It's hard to believe that next week will start February. Long range (being as accurate as it is) is showing some 60s in February (yay!).

I will probably try to take Jasper (sickness willing) to the dog park today. It's supposed to be 51 in the afternoon. I'm still impressed/horrified by how much mucus I can make (blowing). It would seem that my brains must be all turning to mush and I blow it out.

I missed a Wild Ones consultation yesterday, kinda forgot it, but didn't really feel like it anyway. It was still too cold for me (42). I had stated last week, that I don't see any reason to meet with homeowners when it's below 50F, so there wasn't really any surprise there. Others (probably) met with them, three of us were potentially attending. I didn't hear.

With Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books having been adapted for TV, and season 1 now done, I decided back in December to reread the books, which started coming out in 1990. After book six in the series, I think I got disgusted and quit. The books are about 3x the normal novel word count, they were released about one a year and after book six, I knew I wouldn't remember what book one said, etc. Anyway, I just finished book seven out of 14 (or 16 depending on how you count prequels). It's a slog though. I'm only trying to finish because I am a completist and I would like to finish the series once.

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