Range location quandary

4 months ago

I'd love personal and professional experience around having a range in the island! Here are my questions:

1. Will people want to sit on the other side of the island while we're cooking? I envision making pancakes while the kiddos sit and talk to us. Do we need to factor in a specific island width to circumvent hot oil being flicked on people across the island?

2. If there is a risk of hot oil being flicked, do people use the downdraft to prevent splashing, or is that not a thing?

3. If we have no other place to put the dishwasher except for behind the oven/stove, will it be annoying to whoever is at the stove to have the DW opened? Is there an aisle width that would make it plausible to have both range cook standing there and DW opened at the same time?

I hope these make sense! Would love to bask in your Houzz genius!

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