Stumped on grout color for white subway tile in shower!!

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

My first attempt to post this ? didn't show up, so hopefully I'm not double-posting! We need to decide on this very soon, so any help is much appreciated. Attaching pic of shower so far, with ungrouted subway tile on walls and hexagon Calacatta tile in niche that has warm gray grout and is the same tile/grout that we have on the shower floor and the entire bathroom floor. Small narrow bathroom without much natural light, so leaning toward a bright white grout on walls for a clean, seamless look and less apparent grout lines (plenty of grout lines on floor), but worried that:

A. White grout with white subway tile will look too stark/boring

B. It will be harder to keep clean, even if sealed.

P.S. Walls are painted warm color, with a slightly peachy tinge.

Please help Houzz hivemind!

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