African violet leaves grow narrow

4 months ago

Can anyone tell me why my leaves seem to grow so narrow? it seems when i rescue clearance rack finds, the leaves are more rounded

then in ‘recovery’ (aka in my care haha), the new leaves grow darker and narrower

otherwise very healthy and they bloom religiously

i had powdery mildew problems last year so after trying various soils i finally switched them out of glazed ceramic pots, back into nursery pots and just use the glazed as cache pots and switched to Al Taplas 5:1:1 mix (they love it)

i use optimara violet food, maybe once a month and rain or distilled water only

sometimes i use dynagro ‘grow’ instead if tgats in my watering bottle at the time

is this a fertilizer issue or a lighting issue?

the non blooming one in my pic is my most recent rescue you can see the older outer leaves are wider in girth, and the newer growth is narrower… the outer leaves will be pruned soon and it probably needs more sun but i have been letting it acclimate after it’s transplant shock

the room doesnt get any cooler than 70ish at night and i have a humidifier running for winter months (Wisconsin)

typos are due to my smart phone not wanting to punctuate or auto correct anything on this forum for whatever reason, so excuse that please

feedback is appreciated thank you!

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