Quartz Countertop Gone Wrong

Christine Fry
4 months ago

My husband and I remodeled our kitchen recently, and we hired a company to do both cabinet installation and quartz countertop. The fabrication and installation for the countertop was sub-contracted out.
We ordered a beautiful Pompeii Quartz slab called Serenata in 2cm. Company came and took a shim template and took 3 weeks for installation.
What was installed was a countertop that had almost 2” thick edges, but worse, all pieces were cut short and crooked. The overhang was uneven from one end of our cabinets to the other. Company came back out ripped everything out, said they would fix it. Very next day they reinstalled and basically it’s the same just a bit more polished.
We spent a good deal of money into our kitchen remodel and the company we hired to do this job have remained mute and unhelpful.
Is there anything we can do to salvage this countertop? The cutout around the farmhouse sink is where they went wrong I think. One side is further out than the other.
Any advice would be appreciated!

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