Replacement Windows - Price Discrepancies

Sarah Z
4 months ago


We are shopping for replacement windows and we've gotten several quotes. We're starting to narrow our choices, and we think we like Marvin Essentials the best because of the thinner frames, and we like fiberglass as a stronger frame product than vinyl. We have a mid-century modern home with large windows, so both of these attributes are important to us.

The thing I'm confounded about is that we have 3 different quotes for Marvin Essentials windows - for $21k, $24k, and for $10k! The same windows for each quote! (The $21k quote does have a different exterior color listed than the other two, but I don't think that's a huge difference). The $10k quote is the only one with a cost breakdown - they did provide a cost per window, which adds up to about $6k, and then an installation cost of just over $4k. The other two don't provide any type of breakdown.

In comparison - we also got a quote for Andersen 100 series from yet a 4th company. We're not planning on purchasing the Andersen windows because the frames are too chunky for us, but the cost they quoted us was a total of $14k, and they also provided us a complete cost breakdown, with the window cost coming in around $4700, and install $8500.

My question is - are we asking for trouble if we go with the $10k quote? The cost for the windows themselves seems alright. The cost is slightly higher than the Andersen 100 series, which seems reasonable based on some of the research I've done. But, it looks like the install is somewhat underpriced? The company is reputable - they have an 'A' rating on BBB, and their google + Angi reviews are 4.5-stars. They do use subcontractors for the installation. The $24k quote specifically told us that they employ full-time installers themselves.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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