Hardie hydrodefense - redgard, kerdi, both?

4 months ago

Installing Hardiebacker Hydrodefense. I have to use something, and the long side of the tub is exterior wall.

So far, I have not seen much discussion on finishing methods with regard to corners, joints. or use in niches. I've been looking, since I decided to post - and I'm only getting confused.

According to Hardie, I am supposed to use modified thinset and mesh at joints. They suggest liquid membrane coverage at joints and screw penetrations (Redgard, Hydroban, etc).

I'm doing niches that will be behind the cabinet side in the kitchen wall. I am trying do do what makes the most sense to waterproof all corners.

Kerdi-band has been suggested as a good product and this is what I was planning to use. The band to be just seems like a better solution than a coating.

What is confusing to me is that I've now seen Kerdi-band applied with thinset (YouTube "KERDI band installation". This is Kerdi band on top of the Kerdi membrane - which I do not have.

I ordered Kerdi band and Kerdi fix. Is this what I am supposed to be using?


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