Ponytail palm dying

Tia Davis
3 months ago

Hi can someone please assist me with my ponytail Palm I bought it in November of 2021 I repotted it in part organic dirt and succulent mixture and part paralyte and part sand and it has been failing ever since I do not water regularly and I'm trying to see if it's dying or what should I do the shoots are peeling and have a lot of flakes on it and it doesn't seem to be growing but there's a little green left can I please salvage it please help. Also when I did soak it I didn't know it was sitting in water for almost a month. So I took it to work for better lighting conditions and to repot again into a dryer soil mixture. But the leaves continue to get soft. I asked around that they say they think I shocked it from the weather bringing it to work, the soil and different environment. A nursery said just leave it alone and see but the green foliage shoot are getting hard and grow ing up near the foliage.. i don't know what to do

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