Help with cabinet paint color! BM Natural Cream or Nature’s Essentials

4 months ago

I am desperate to figire out what the paint color is on these cabinets. I have samples of BM Natural Cream and Ballet White that are in the running for my cabinets. Ballet White is pretty, but i think it is a little too light (especially when i look to this photo for inspiration, which the cabinets appear darkwr than ballet white). I love Natural Cream, but I am a little worried it is SLIGHTLY too dark and SLIGHTLY too cool. This has led me to order samples of both BM White Sand and Nature’s Essentials.

My cabinets receive light from the south, but the source of the light is from windows that are somewhat far away (but not blocked by a wall or anything). I would say most of my decor and wood tones are neutral to warm (but no reds), and i have a few warm-black furniture pieces.

Anyone want to take a stab at identifying this paint color?

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