Protecting Wisteria buds question

bart bart
4 months ago

People, I know this is a rose forum, but Houzz in so confusing that I don't know how to find the Climbing plants forum, so I'm posting here sinceit's easy. Besides, I'm mainly on the rose forums anyway, so I figure I've got forum friends here that won't mind,and that will sympathize and be helpful.

The past 2 years, we've been hit by cold weather in late winter/early spring here in Tuscany,Italy,which withered almost all of the flower buds on my young "Prolific" wisteria. I'd like to avoid having this happen again, but what with climate change and global warming,I think it might be better if I look around for stategies that might help protect the flower buds at this delicate phase.
I was thinking about trying,for example,using a sort of "screen" of that white synthetic cloth that is used to protect plants (don't know the name in English),to prevent the plants from the wind. I've also read of people using Christmas lights on their fruit trees to add a bit of warmth. There's no electricity out at my garden, so if I tried that they'd have to be solar or battery-powered lights...
Any thoughts or expereiences would be greatly appreciated!

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